Business Card Create and Print Software

Business Card Create and Print Software 7.0

Create and print customized business cards
7.0 (See all)
Make your own business cards using the available template by filling out the boxes with your name, address, email address and contact details. The tool also includes a field for importing your logo into the cards. It also fits multiple cards on a single page, saving paper and time when printing.

This software offers a solution for users who want to create their own business cards. A clear and easy to use form allows entry of the Company name, a tagline, address, e-mail, contact details and website. One click on the box at the top right allows the user to browse for an image file (e.g. the company logo) and there is a button to automatically fit the image to the box on the card. This time saving application will fit and print multiple cards on one page making it both economical and easy to produce any business card at any time.

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